How it started

I like baking. I like cooking. I have for….well, for a while.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I liked Emeril Lagasse in my young days. Well… younger. I liked the “BAM!!” and the “Stick Around!”  I helped Mom in the kitchen a lot, but it wasn’t until my older siblings started going to college (all three went out of town 😦 ) that the task of cooking-making fell to me, because cookies had to be made for care packages. I didn’t mind, I liked it.

Eventually I tried my hand at whole meals and once I figured out the timing (the first few were horribly unpunctual) I actually did pretty well. I’ve never stopped. My favorite is still baking desserts, but a few main dishes, like Crispy Onion Chicken, are also huge hits in the house. So that’s my story. Let’s see how it all turns out!


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