Runner’s Granola

Granola (7)

This year I’m training for a half-marathon. Some days its good, some days its murder, but most days its just about pushing through. This granola helps. It’s got all the good stuff runners want to eat for a long-run and for recovery. Proteins, fibers, and of course, the antioxidants in chocolate! Dark chocolate is ideal, but semisweet works too. I always liked the idea of granola, but could never find something I liked. So I just came up with a recipe. You can use basically whatever nuts you happen to have on hand, I usually use walnuts when we don’t have almonds, and vice-versa. The coconut flavor doesn’t really come through, so you can skip that if you want, but coconut is good for you and this recipe is really about stuffing a bunch of good ingredients in a frying pan, toasting them, and adding some chocolate. I mean, who wants granola without chocolate. Am I right? Or are you the dried-fruit-granola person? Its okay…I forgive you.


Runner’s Granola


2 T. molasses

3 T. honey

1 t. cinnamon

½ c. pine nuts (ground)

½ c. walnuts or almonds (ground)

½ c. pecans (ground)

¼ c. shredded or flaked coconut

½ c. oatmeal

½ c. chocolate chips (optional)


In a small bowl, mix together honey, molasses, and cinnamon. Set aside. Toast coconut in a non-stick skillet until light brown. Add nuts. Toast about 1 min. Add oatmeal. Drizzle honey-molasses mixture over nut mixture. Mix together and heat until molasses has coated all. Let cool. Add chocolate chips. Optional: add chocolate chips before the nut mixture cools completely, when it cools the chocolate will have congealed with the nuts and makes for another texture! YIELD: about 4 cups


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