Funky Fridays: five reasons why life is good

1. Snow!!! Yesterday it started coming down in gigantic flakes

SNOW (1)

Seriously, if you went out to catch one on your tongue, you would get a mouthful. And this was the perfect snow for sledding and snowboarding because once it stopped snowing, it started freezing raining. So now we have this saturated-snow layer with crusty ice on top. Seriously, you fly. So the first hill we go to (last night) is pretty steep and with the added ice its a dangerous game. So once we find out there is a curb at the bottom of the hill, I decide to snowboard anyways. Brilliant, Rebecca. So now you’re going to speed down the ice-encrusted snow only to hit an immovable barrier at the end and go skidding across the unpleasant pavement coated in dirty slush (by the way, your coat isn’t waterproof). Oh well, it was fun!

The last snow in St. Louis lasted for a day. Seriously. And it wasn’t even good snow, it was powdery-sugar snow. The next day was sunny and 50 degrees. If you would have told someone that it snowed 2 inches the previous day they would have laughed at you. That’s St. Louis for ‘ya

2. Naps. Long, wonderful cat naps under cozy blankets.

3. Getting cooking books out of the library. Today I was super excited because Joy the Baker’s cookbook was there! I had always seen it on her website (, but never in the library. Check that one out for sure!

Books (2)

4.  Finishing school for the week because you finally found the stupid Logic Test Book that you couldn’t find yesterday when you REALLY WANTED it because it was your last thing to do. And owning the five-page Latin review. Yeah. That’s pretty awesome.

5.  Snow. Did I mention that? Oh well.

Happy Friday!

Frosty Magnolia


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