Red Velvet Raspberry Shake

Red Velvet Raspberry Shake (7)

Almost as soon as the frozen raspberries arrived in the house, I have envisioned making this shake. I couldn’t make it last week, there were too many treats in the house already, and I preferred a chocolate-banana shake after my runs, so finally I have made it.

It does turn out seedy. You have been warned. You could strain the seeds, but 50% of the raspberries are seeds. So you’d basically do a lot of work for a teeny bit of raspberry juice.

Seeds aside, this shake is pretty darn good for being sugar-less. I have been trying to avoid sugar, but you can use straight-up chocolate syrup in this recipe if you want. However, the combination of raspberry and coconut is seriously delicious.

I try to make sugar-less things for their own sake, not because I’m trying consciously to diet. Healthy things often do make you feel better. I mean, yeah, sugar-loaded things are pretty tasty, but do you often feel good after eating them? Not me, I feel tired. So you should know that most of the recipes on this sight will avoid sugar altogether or have limited amounts. But this is not trying to be a website that makes okay recipes for being sugar-free, but one that makes delicious things for their own sake.

Speaking of delicious…

Red Velvet Raspberry Shake


1 c. almond or cow milk

1/2 t. instant coffee

3 T. Healthy Chocolate Sauce

1/2 c. raspberries

1/2 c. ice (about 5 cubes)

3 drops red food coloring (optional)


Dissolve coffee in milk in blender. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.



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