Alfredo Carbonara

 Alfredo Carbonara (3)

As far as I can find out, Carbonara is an Italian dish (as is most pasta, right?) that uses egg for the enriching sauce and some sort of meat (pork or bacon) and small veggie, i.e: peas. I have been eating it lately in an Alfredo sauce with bacon and peas, I haven’t tried the egg at all. Opinions?

Anyway, this Alfredo Carbonara is enriched with bacon and peas, with the welcome addition of toasted pine nuts. I discovered I really like toasted pine nuts in pasta. Learn something new every day!And, I mean, what isn’t made better with bacon?

Alfredo Carbonara (20)

I really leave the amounts to your discretion, as only you know how much sauce you like, how many peas you can stand, and whether or not you’re up for some pine-nuttiness. I hope you are, it really adds a lot!

Alfredo Carbonara


Alfredo sauce:

1 part butter, melted

1 part heavy cream (whipping cream), warmed

1/2 part grated Parmesan cheese


cooked spaghetti noodles


cooked bacon, sliced

pine nuts, toasted and chopped


In a bowl, whisk together  combine the melted butter, cream and cheese. Add pasta, peas, bacon, and pine nuts. Garnish with additional bacon and cheese, if desired.


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