Ginger-Berry Lemon Slushy

Ginger-Berry Lemonade Cooler (3)

It’s like ninety-million degrees here; it feels like summer. For some, that statement would excite intense joy and anticipation. For others, resignation and depression. I tend to belong to the latter group; I hate trying to fall asleep sweating, I hate having to gulp copious amounts of water in an effort to stay cool; I hate dressing down because I love layering. However, summer does have its redeeming qualities: swimming, ice cream, and icey drinks to name a few. I’m here for a brief discussion of that last: icey drinks.

I remember when we used to get Country Time lemonade. I loved it, everybody did. Best of all, during the summer months, mom would blend it up with some ice and water and we would have lemonade slushies. Better than any 7-11 trip, I can tell you. But for me, lemonade was never quite the same since sugar was outlawed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want that sugary stuff for sure, but I do miss those slushies! Luckily, there was a big bag of lemons on the kitchen counter. Was, but no more 🙂

Since the advent of lemon-ginger scones, I couldn’t resist adding some freshly grated ginger to this slushy. But I’m sure it would be lovely without. I also advise making some extra sweetened lemon concentrate to keep in the fridge for future use. Try a raspberry-lemon cooler!

Ginger-Berry Lemon Slushy


1 c. pure lemon juice, freshly-squeezed

1 T. honey, agave, or white sugar ( you can add more sweetener depending on how much lemony tartness you like)

1 t. freshly grated ginger

10 or so ice cubes

5 strawberries


Combine lemon juice, sweetener, and ginger on low speed in a blender. Add ice and strawberries, blend until the ice is finely crushed. Add more ice as desired. Makes 2-3 servings, dependent on serving size.

Ginger-Berry Lemonade Cooler (1)


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