PBOat Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

PBOat Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie text

Ok, so yeah. I posted another PBOat Chocolate Chip recipe. Sorry. Actually, no, I’m not sorry. It’s delicious; why should I be sorry? This was one of those recipes that I pinned and then it seemed like everyone and his brother re-pinned it right away…I don’t blame them, Averie’s photo looks drool-worthy.PBOat Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie (94)And the end result? A delcious mash of textures; chewy, crispy, gooey, and melty all at once. And who doesn’t love the look of a skillet cookie? Rustic and homey, exuding comfort and warmth. Ok, maybe a little too much romanticizing. After my lengthy post yesterday, I thought today I’d just keep today’s short and sweet. I didn’t change much of anything, so you can find the original recipe here at Averie Cooks. PBOat Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie (66)

Sorta lame, I know, but its good to give credit where credit is due. Warning: you will need a large beverage (probably milk) for the best dessert experience. Not that I’m limiting this to dessert, why would I do that? Sunday morning breakfast, meet your new best friend.

PBOat Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie (83)Happy November! Hoping your days are colorful and cozy.


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