It’s really that easy: cookies and chalkboard

Nutella Caramel stuffed Cookies collage

Okay, full disclosure: the easy part of this post doesn’t really have to do with the cookies. While they are not super-complicated, they are not the easiest-peasiest cookies in the world. Head on over to Izy’s wonderful website for the recipe.Nutella Caramel stuffed Cookies (1)

 Okay, now for the easy part. Have you noticed chalkboard? It’s pretty much all over Pinterest. People be making chalkboard everything. It’s crazy. Get some paint and paint your fridge, paint a box, pain a mason jar, on and on and on. Buuuut people on Pinterest also love to do stuff themselves. I love that too. Home Depot is my friend 🙂  Seriously, am I the only one who browses the DIY&Crafts section?- of Pinterest, not of Home Depot (although that would be totally amazing). Well, if you don’t, you should. Because if you didn’t, you probably would have gone to some paint store and tried to pick up a ginormous paint can that you didn’t really need and that is more expensive than necessary. You could have just made it yourself. What?

Well, let’s face it, you only need two stinking ingredients (is this a recipe? yes…it is….don’t judge the paint, it is who it wants to be). Now you probably don’t have any unsanded grout on hand…unless you’re a construction businessman. Not to worry, it’s available at your local hardware store. Just make sure that you get UNsanded, because you will not be happy with the sanded. And make sure you get it in white, because it does come in other colors.

Next: paint! This is what’s particularly nice about making your own. You can make whatever color your heart desires. I personally opted for black the first two times (on cardboard to test and then on wood.) This time, however, I decided to try a vibrant color. I’m not even going to post lengthy instructions. Get your two items together.

PaintandgroutGet a paintbrush (other posers bloggers are using hand-mixers and stuff like that-I think its unnecessary and what if it doesn’t clean off well?) Mix the two together! You don’t have to go by a set measurement, about 3/4 or 1/2 part of grout to paint. You’ll know when its the right consistency.


 Chalkboard Paint (9)Chalkboard (1)This is one Pin that is tested and true! Easy-peasy, people

Nutella Caramel stuffed Cookies (35)


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