What it is

Okay, folks. It’s time to keep it real. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful and *seemingly* flawless food blogs out there. There’s a lot of behind the scenes, which you don’t see, and which can be quite ugly. Lucky for us, and for you, something doesn’t have to be pretty to be delicious.

Now, I like to think that I’ve come a long way.


But still, I know I have a long way to go. And while it’s terribly fun, it can also be just plain terrible. Like when your oven breaks. What the elf do you do with your food blog when your oven breaks? #foodbloggerproblems. Okay, that’s totally not a hashtag but whatever. Here’s what you do: you make brownies…in the waffle maker. Pretty darn simple. Just put your favorite brownie batter in the waffle maker and bake it.

Wownies (2)

Wownies. #winning. Look at that right there. It’s ugly, unedited, real-life deliciousness. Because you know what? There are more important things in life than pretty pictures. The wownies were awesomely scrumptious, I promise. They’re just not that photogenic. Know what is photogenic? Snowmen.


(that’s my awesome artistic sister. Check out her blog here. She totally spearheaded this snowman business.)



Yep. You’ve probably heard about the monster snowstorm across the country, and we got hit pretty hard. I seriously cannot remember the last time we had this much snow. Sledding, snowmen, snowboarding, you name it. It’s on. We’re prepping for the winter olympics. Yeah. Right. No we’re not. Unless snowman-building is a contest category…which it isn’t. Oh well. We have brownies.



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