Little Moments

Chocolate Strawberry Frappé (text)2

Love to everyone this Valentine’s Day! For the food (or rather, drink) first: who’s watching the Olympics? And who’s sick of the commercials already? Seriously, get some new ones or something, because it’s ridiculous. And who has seen that McDonald’s ad for their chocolate-covered strawberry frappe? Guilty.

Chocolate Strawberry Frappé (56)

I may be the only one creeped out when that otherwise normal-looking lady hands out the drink and says “enjoy!” in a voice like she just poisoned it, but I can’t be the only one who started craving a chocolate-strawberry combo. And my friends, have I delivered. Not only can you easily make strawberry syrup at home, but you can make it sugarfree! Add that to my delicious raw chocolate syrup, and it’s a winner! Plus I made a cute label, because of course I did.

Chocolate Strawberry Frappé (10)

The strawberry flavor is not initially assertive, but it surprisingly holds its own with the coffee and chocolate. Don’t expect that overly sweet, vaguely fruity flavor, but rather a streak of legit strawberry: fresh, bright, and clean. I think y’all are catching on. It’s awesome. Aaaand healthy 😀

Chocolate Strawberry Frappé (26)

Now, on to Valentine’s Day. I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about life and love, but I do like to think I’ve become wiser as I’ve become older, and so here are some thoughts from me to you about true love.

Love is small moments. Not flamboyant romance, not grandiose speeches or poetic overtures, even though all of that is well and good. True love lies in quiet commitment, in self-denial, and in having the will to place others above yourself; in desiring what is truly best for another soul. Not always what makes them feel happy, not always what is comfortable, but what is truly best. That’s where love gets really hard, because people don’t like being told no. I’m not even excluding myself: what child hasn’t been told “no” by their parents, and gotten really angry, only to realize later how grateful they should be that their parents had that strength? Spouses who have the strength to make it through hard times, to keep loving even when someone is unlovable. To forgive without being asked. Not hormones, not chemistry, not “feelings”. Willpower. Fortitude. Perseverance. That’s real love.

Chocolate Strawberry Frappé


8 oz. coffee

10 oz. milk

5 oz. chocolate syrup

3 oz. strawberry syrup

handful of ice (add more or less according to preference)


Blend all ingredients in a vitamix or other blender until completely smooth. Top with whipped cream and strawberry syrup.

-Note: I made my strawberry syrup by cutting up 1.5 lbs of strawberries and cooking them with some honey and maple syrup until I basically had strawberry soup, then I strained it in a linen cloth to make sure none of those small seeds came through. You can use store-bought syrup though, and it will work just as well!


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