Yellow Days

Witch Hazel (10)

My poor, poor little blog. You are so neglected and underrated. You wait here in cyberspace patiently every day, willing me to expand my creativity and unleash something beautiful to be appreciated. Alas, more trivial and tiresome tasks stand between me and the pursuit of creativity. Things like school, work, chores, etc. I could talk your ear off with excuses, but I won’t. Mostly because you don’t actually have ears but also because I don’t come here to moan and complain. I come here to share nice, inspiring, and hopefully useful/fantastic things.

    Witch Hazel (86)

Witch hazel is fantastic. It’s pretty and smells nice. It hints of new life in those days when we are all so very tired of snow and cold. Put it in a rejuvenating homemade beauty product, and you’ve got a stellar combo. Check that, add some pineapple too. Groovy. Groovy? Really? Nobody says that….oh, wait. I don’t care. Pineapple juice is packed with vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and super good for you. Also, it can act as a mild astringent, which is basically a fancy name for “make your pores sting like you stuck them individually with needles but your skin will feel really awesome after that. Promise.” For this bright and sunny toner, only one more ingredient is needed. Lemon juice. More acidic than pineapple, this provides just the right amount of kick in your all-natural pore-fixer-upper.

Now let’s throw together some witch hazel with sugar and honey. This seems promising.

Witch Hazel (112)

Add some yellow to your day and let’s all push through to April and May. Although, we’ve been so lucky to have a few beautiful days here  in the midst of winter bluster. Most of the time, the wind is bone-chilling and nobody goes outside unless they absolutely have to. But two days this past week have been like little sneak peeks of spring. And I. Can’t. Wait. For. Spring. Spring is my favorite season. The bright air, the sun-warmed breeze with just a hint of refreshing coolness; it’s absolutely perfect. These days are to be cherished and relaxed in. To be drunk up and savored. Yellow days, with not a cloud in the sky and not a worry in the world.

Witch Hazel (70)

Pineapple Witch Hazel Toner

Mix together 3/4 part pineapple juice with water. Add 2t. lemon juice. Add about 3-4 T. witch hazel petals. Shake vigorously for about a minute. Strain. Shake before using.

Witch Hazel Sugar Scrub

Place sugar and witch hazel petals on a napkin. Fold napkin together over sugar mix and rub vigorously until the petals have shrunk and mixture is fragrant. Add sugar and honey until mixture is thick but spreadable. Not recommended for use on face.



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