Spring Green Smoothie

Spring Green Smoothie (21)text

I imagine that not a lot of people get excited over green smoothies. It’s sort of a chore. “Oh yeah, I had like six cookies yesterday…better have a green smoothie.” Or “The Holidays were rough. Better have a green smoothie.”

Spring Green Smoothie (7)

Here’s the green smoothie that isn’t a chore. That you’ll request on purpose. That you might even look forward to. Granted, the name doesn’t convey a whole lot of enthusiasm, but not everything’s in a name. Besides, the full name would be something like: Totally Rad Spinach Peanut Butter Yogurt Smoothie. That’s a really long name. Even if you’re not asleep by the end, you’ll probably be wondering “what the heck is peanut butter doing in a green smoothie?” The answer? I have no idea. I only know how it tastes, and that is really awesome.

Spring Green Smoothie (10)

For all your green smoothie needs, let me direct you to the Spring Green Smoothie.

 Spring Green Smoothie

Adapted from the Joy the Baker cookbook


1 C. yogurt

2 C. spinach

1 T. peanut butter

1 T. flax oil

2 t. honey

1 banana (cut into chunks)

1 c. ice


Whiz all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Enjoy!


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