Flourless Salted Brownie Cookies

Flourless Brownie Cookies (38)

Remember the brownie cookies I made a couple posts ago? These are even more brownie cookies. Because I love brownies. They can cure anything, I’m pretty sure. And brownie cookies, so much the better. Portable, clean, and they literally (physically?) melt in your mouth.  This recipe is from a beautiful blog called london bakes, and I hardly changed anything, so head on over there for the recipe. I would only add that the espresso powder is listed as optional, but you should totally add it, even if you abhor coffee. It’s not that strong, and it deepens the chocolate (always good). Also, my cookies came out rather flat, which could be either because my oven was too hot, my dough wasn’t chilled enough, or I made my cookies too small. So just follow her instructions (like I obviously did NOT).

Flourless Brownie Cookies (10)

Also, flourless. You may have noticed this trend over the past few posts. I’m not quite “gluten-free”, I haven’t jumped on that particular health bandwagon. But I am trying to be wheat-free. I’ve been convinced that wheat is no longer the natural plant that it used to be, and I want to try a detox from it for a while. This means that you’ll be seeing wheat-free recipes up here for at least the next month.

Flourless Brownie Cookies (43)

I’m also convinced that this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sure, I can’t have cookies like I used too, but that’s okay. This forces me to expand my horizons and try new and perhaps difficult things. I can’t cop-out with a strong cookie or cake recipe anymore. Cheesecakes, brownies, pudding, and ice cream will be *hopefully* appearing more frequently. This is good also because summer is (coming? here?)…near. And if I tell you to turn on your oven for cookies or cake when its 90+ degrees outside, well, let’s just say I don’t think you would be too enthusiastic.

Flourless Brownie Cookies (25)

So here’s to a new and different, exciting and adventurous chapter of Sprinkle with Sage. I hope to see you here! Also, this is *kindof* a milestone for my little blog. These cookies are my 100th published post! I don’t celebrate blogaversaries (long story-bit confusing, I’ll spare you)- but when the notification of 99th showed up for the peanut butter cups, I realized that this post is actually a little bit of a big deal. All of my posts from here on out will be 3 digit numbered. Completely crazy, at least for me, to believe. But here we are. Celebration!!!

Flourless Brownie Cookies (33)


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