Frozen Hot Chocolate (healthy!!!)

Frozen Hot Chocolate (16)text

There are two things that will instantly lift me up from a bad mood: music and chocolate. Put them together, and I’ll float on cloud nine. Owl city is a good choice for happy music, and for the chocolate…

Frozen Hot Chocolate (15)a

Chocolate becomes even more awesome without the sugar-crash that traditionally accompanies it. Enter, maple syrup chocolate sauce.ย I’ve done a little reinventing of my ownย on the classic summer treat, Frozen Hot Chocolate,ย using healthy chocolate syrup.

Frozen Hot Chocolate (13)

Everyone who is anyone knows about Serendipity’s famous Frozen Hot Chocolate. Genius, really, reinventing a staple winter drink to be sold during the summer. It’s not quite a milkshake, and it’s not just chilled chocolate milk. Apparently there is a Serendipity near me? Must. Investigate!

Frozen Hot Chocolate (18)

For this Frozen Hot Chocolate, you only need FIVE ingredients. That’s it. Whiz it up in approximately 5 minutes. You won’t be sorry.

Frozen Hot Chocolate


3 T. cocoa powder

2 T (1 oz). coconut oil (unscented unless you want coconut hot chocolate, which would be awesome as well)

5 T (2.5 oz). maple syrup

1 1/2 c. milk

1 1/2 c. ice


To mix the chocolate syrup, melt the coconut oil and maple syrup together (I use the microwave). Whisk in cocoa powder. Combine syrup with milk, vanilla (if desired), and ice in a blender. Whiz until smooth. Top with whipped cream, shaved chocolate or sprinkles, as desire dictates. (I used the dregs of the chocolate syrup to create a margarita rim with sprinkles.)

Frozen Hot Chocolate (21)aupdate: looking back, I see that these are the same glasses I put my hot chocolate in when I made homemade hot cocoa mix, if you noticed that too, no, it wasn’t intentional. But it is hilarious! I think…



31 thoughts on “Frozen Hot Chocolate (healthy!!!)

  1. Oh my, this looks absolutely amazing! I am a self obsessed chocoholic, so this has my name written ALL over it!

    Thanks for sharing at Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning. Hope to see you again next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I made your frozen hot chocolate today with my friend and it was just delicious. I loved how frothy it was and how I could taste the specks of chocolate powder just like with the hot cocoa packets! Your blog is beautiful!

  3. Oh, I have a huge weakness for anything chocolate-related, and this sounds amazing! Love the sprinkles on the rim too! Thanks for sharing at Tasty Tuesdays! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You can try replacing maple syrup with either Agave nectar or honey, but you will be able to taste that difference in the final product. Please let me know how it turns out!

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