Chocolate-covered Pretzel Milkshake

Chocolate-covered Pretzel Milkshake (17)aTEXT2

When I eliminated wheat from my diet, I thought I was done with pretzels forever. Luckily for me, there’s such a thing as gluten-free pretzels. Awesome!

Chocolate-covered Pretzel Milkshake (2)a

Am I the only one who absolutely loves chocolate-covered pretzels? I hope not. Salty, sweet, crunch, smooth. All at once, it’s soooo good.

Chocolate-covered Pretzel Milkshake (10)a

And milkshakes, milkshakes are good. So who thinks combining the two would be a good idea? Me!

I hope you do too, and I hope you use homemade chocolate ice cream. Really, there’s no competition for homemade.

Chocolate-covered Pretzel Milkshake


1 c. milk

1 c. chocolate ice cream

10 medium sized pretzels (I used gluten free) or chocolate covered medium pretzels

1/2 t. salt

1/4 c. ice (optional for extra-cold milkshake)


In a blender, whiz all ingredients until smooth. Top with whipped cream and chocolate covered pretzels.


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