Lemon Water

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My friends, lemon water. It’s freaking amazing. It feels a tiny bit insulting to post a recipe for lemon water, so I’ll just give you a few pictures and a list. You get the gist.

#1. It’s really refreshing. Super refreshing. The best way to get through these boiling steaming oven-baked deep fried rather warm summer days. Seriously thirst-quenching and ridiculously delicious. Honestly, it’s almost addicting. This is one thing I consume almost every.single.day. I’m not usually satisfied with regular ice water anymore, I need a sliced lemon in that thang. Plus the lemon is so tangy, it’s like an electric shock to your system. Okay, slight exaggeration. I’m just a BIT enthused about lemon water, guys.

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#2 Water is good for you, which is what you’ve been told in every health/fitness magazine on the planet, I’m sure. They’re right. You need a lot of water to feel good and stay energized. Lemon helps you enjoy your water consumption and makes it less of a chore.

#3 Gets your cleanse on. Detox, baby! Lemon stimulates your digestive system. We know what that means, no need for detail.

#4 VITAMIN C, yo! Basically important for all your body’s functions, but mainly boosts the immune system. No summer colds for us!

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#5-8 Anti-oxidant powah 🙂 This counts for multiple reasons because anti-oxidants help your blood flow, which in turn helps your skin and basically all of your insides because blood flows EVERYWHERE.

#9 Potassium high. Lemons have  hella lot of potassium (more than apples AND grapes. Boom!). Potassium is good for your brains and nerves, also your heart.

#10 Lemon stimulates enzyme action, and provides energy boost during digestion. Enzymes are responsible for zillions of metabolic processes that sustain life. So they literally keep you alive. Energy! Energy! Energy!

If this didn’t convince you to start drinking lemon water, you’re really lame there are plenty of other healthy drink recipes around here I’d love you to try! But seriously, lemon water.

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*Bonus! Cut the peel (rind) away from your lemon slices if you’re gonna throw them in your waterbottle. I know from experience this prevents bitterness later in the day. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Lemon Water

  1. I’m a lemon water junkie, too! I’m been drinking a glass at least once a day for a couple of years, and it has helped me stay much healthier than before. I used to get head colds every couple of weeks, and now I rarely get any. Love it! Instead of using whole lemons, which I found turned rancid pretty quickly, I buy a glass bottle of lemon juice (NOT the concentrate in a green bottle!) at my local health food store. I keep it in the fridge and just pour some in my glass each day.

    Thanks for sharing this post! =)

    1. Great to hear from a fellow lemon water enthusiast! I don’t think I could do bottled lemon juice, but you’re right about the lemons rotting quickly. We keep ours in the fridge 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment, Nicole!

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