Breakfast Parfaits

Parfaits (62)

One of my favorite things to do is recreate a common scrumptious and healthy treat in my own kitchen. Parfaits are ubiquitous, it seems, appearing at coffee shops and even at McDonalds.

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BUT! It is so much more satisfying to not pay $7 dollars for breakfast and know that you are putting real food inside you.

Parfaits (46)

Did you know that the word parfait is French and literally means perfect? Smooth, cold yogurt. Crunchy salty granola. Ripe sweet fruit. Yeah, that’s perfect.


Breakfast Parfaits


Awesome granola (we make Mel’s fantastic Salty Sweet Granola)

Yogurt (my mom makes her own!)

Berries (fresh blackberries from the garden Oh YEAH! and..and strawberries from the store.)


In a glass dish, layer granola, yogurt, and berries according to preference. Super difficult, right?

Parfaits (16)

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10 thoughts on “Breakfast Parfaits

  1. I make these all the time for family gatherings. Make great additions to brunch buffets. Thank you for linking up to Creative K Kid’s Tasty Tuesdays. I have pinned your recipe to the Tasty Tuesdays Pinterest Board.

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