Chocolate Chia Ice Cream (+ a celebration)

Chocolate Chia Ice Cream (4)a

There are lots of different types of crushes. Celebrity crushes, first crushes, mom crushes, etc. (mom crushes are when your mom really wants you to marry someone so that she can become their mom. Yeah, it’s weird.)

And then there are blogger food-crushes. These people I probably wouldn’t even recognize if I saw them on the street. But I would recognize their style in a photograph, their preferences in a recipe. I try to ignore their politics so we can still be friends. But I love their food, their photography, and their writing.

Anyways, a few days ago, a blogger I admire very much announced the release dates of her very first cookbook! In celebration, I cooked up her latest recipe: chocolate chia ice cream


I know what you may be thinking: chia, really? In chocolate? in ice cream? yes. just yes.

This “ice cream” is delicious, light, and naturally sweetened, representative of most of the recipes Izy posts. Congratulations, from across the ocean. 🙂

 Gif slow



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