a vacation edition

I went on vacay-tion! So no recipe today, just lots of links and pictures and boring stuff like that (there is a magic shell gif if you stick it out to the end)

The homeschool life is hard, y’know, balancing 2 weeks of school with 1 week of vacation. It’s glorious.

We went to Huckleberry bakery, a place I’d only read about. It was glorious; the place was a lot smaller than I had expected but there was plenty to compensate. The girl who waited on us was friendly and gorgeous, the barista was super cool, and the doughnut was awesome (though I am and will always remain partial to my local Donut Stop-seriously we live 7 minutes away). The gluten-free lemon poppy seed loaf is not to be ignored; I’m pretty sure it’s soaked in sweet lemon syrup which is totally okay for an indulgence.

Huckleberry (6)

Huckleberry (1)

Huckleberry (4)Huckleberry (5)Huckleberry (3)

And we were in San Francisco for a day and a half. Lovely city (in some parts) but waaay too crowded for moi. I could.not.do.it. All those people, all those cars, it’s nice to visit but holy mackerel.


Too cold to swim, alas alas! Not a lot of regret, however, because CUDDLING and NEPHEWS.


Golden Gate (obviously) about as close as we got.


Alcatraz island.


The city view from the shipyard. Dock. whatever.


Street style.


Street jams.

and GHIRARDELLI square!!! Insane ice cream and of course, the chocolate shop with free samples. How many times can I come through? Just kidding…mostly.





I just ordered a hot cocoa (delicious-though again, I’m partial to mine)  and designated myself the “helper” , aiding anyone in need of finishing their ice cream, which was an excellently brilliant idea.




Sf chocolate (1)

To -abruptly- wrap things up: a couple cool things:

somebody knows what’s up about pumpkin and that we all need a break sometimes: here are  75 non-pumpkin fall desserts.

Baked- the Blog. It’s like a constant party of baked-goods loving foodies. Dude. Duuuude.


And, as promised, magic shell gifs: I was comparing the difference (if any) in magic shells made with coconut oil (left) vs. cocoa butter (right). The cocoa butter one seemed to get a lot harder but was definitely less melty on the tongue (for the nerds: this is because cocoa butter’s melting point is a lot higher than coconut oil’s, therefore it stays solid at temperatures coconut oil would liquefy and also solidifies more well solidly).

Plus it’s more expensive. So the only thing we got out of this really was some kicking awesome gifs

Magic Shell (coconut oil)GifMagic Shell Gif (cocoa butter)


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