Backyard to Table

Apple Cider (23)a

Look at that picture. It’s some gorgeous you-pick apple farm in, say, Washington, right? Wrong. It’s my backyard.

Which you might’ve guessed/deduced (you smart cookie) from the post title. I see your raised eyebrow “is this legit?” Well, my answer is in gif form:

Apple local Gif

I cannot even express to you how inordinately excited these apples make me. We never seem to get good apples. Maybe we give up on them too soon, maybe the conditions have never been right, but for whatever reason this is freaking awesome. I foresee apple pies, apple salads (for my mom of course, not me) and all manner of crazy apple deliciousness.

Apple Cider (10)

And apple cider? No, you don’t need a fancy press or a juicer or anything like that. Don’t even think about it.

Apple Squeeze Gif @200

All you need are a food processor or blender, apples, a bit of cinnamon, a fine-woven linen cloth and some elbow grease. This amount is perfect for one drinker, two if you’re feeling generous. You can always just process as many apples as you please. I heated some up and added a touch of imitation rum and vanilla. Wow. The flavor is so sharp and clear! Even when heated, it’s amazing.

And I made a video! I hope you like it 🙂

I entreat you, in any spare 25 minutes today, to welcome Autumn (!!!) by making apple cider.

Apple Cider (91)

Apple Cider (99)

House Apple Cider


3 medium apples

1 t. cinnamon


Core and quarter apples. Chop in a food processor until a pulpy goo is formed. (it smelled amazing at this point, but took a little time to get there). Place pulp in a fine linen cloth and squeeze squeeze squeeze. Bada-bang bada-boom. Apple cider.


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