Beetroot Red Velvet Shake

Red Velvet Smoothie (1)a

In a world awash with red velvet everything, and soon to be inundated again with the Holiday Season, I present to you a guilt-free deep red chocolatey shake with absolutely no food coloring added.

Red Velvet Smoothie (16)a

It’s earthy. It’s gnarly. It’s healthy and full of antioxidants. Because your blood is important, and chocolate is too.

Red Velvet Smoothie (19)a

Beetroot Red Velvet Shake


1 beet, peeled and cooked [35]

3/4 c. milk [98 for 2%]

2 T. cocoa powder [40 for Dutch, 20 for Hershey’s]

1 T. sucant or brown sugar [45]

1/4 t. vanilla


Blend all ingredients until smooth.



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