Vanilla Bean Marshmallows (+ a roundup)

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows (53)aVanilla Bean Marshmallows (67)aVanilla Bean Marshmallow GIf 3

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows (71)a

Can we all agree that hot chocolate is the best and most appropriate winter drink? The classic, the classy, the ultimate comfort? I thought so. And marshmallows are the most appropriate topping, right? And toppings are so very important.

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows (84)a

So I made you marshmallows. Paleo, vanilla bean marshmallows that are amazing and totally not chock-full of sugar and preservatives. We can also agree that this is seriously awesome, right? Great.

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows (80)a

And because we agree, and because I like you, I’m giving you the best the internet (in my humblest of humble opinions) has to offer on this subject.

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows (75)a

The above photo links to my “The Best Hot Chocolate.” Yes I realize it’s horribly stuck-up of me to have my own first, but this is my list so I can do what I want. Only I hope I get no hate mail for using other people’s images. THEY ARE NOT MINE, okay? THEY LINK TO THE OTHER PEEPS’ SITE.

I thought that, as long as I’ve got it all in caps, no one can miss it. You can get pretty distracted around look hot chocolate!!! So much hot chocolate…..

Hot Chocolate Roundup collage

Fancy-aaa hot chocolate, a cozy kitchen

Fancy-you-know-what Hot Chocolate- A Cozy Kitchen. Those mugs though!

French Press Hot Chocolate (view from the great island)

 French Press Breakfast Chocolate- the View from Great Island. Great idea for frothing your chocolate!

Hot chocolate with mint and almonds- whatshouldieatforbreakfast

Hot Chocolate with Mint and Almonds- What should I eat for breakfast today.

Ugh dark photos are so beautiful. And those balanced marshmallows!

red-velvet-hot-chocolate- sugarhero

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate-the sugar hero. Yes, a bit creepy (it was for Halloween) but so pretty.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate- cooking classy

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. Yes and yes and yes and yes.

Salted Hot Chocolate house of treats

Salted Hot Chocolate- house of treats. This method uses salt instead of added sugar to balance the bitterness of the chocolate. Mind=blown.

SprinkleBakes Whiteout Cocoa

Whiteout Cocoa- Sprinkle Bakes. The prettiest of pretties, you can count on Heather.

Super Creamy Vegan Hot Chocolate- veggie and the beast feast

Super Creamy Vegan Hot Chocolate-veggie and the beast. So creamy. Much vegan.

Toasted Marshmallow Cream Hot Chocolate how sweet eats

Toasted Marshmallow Cream Hot Chocolate- How Sweet it Is. Dang Jessica, how do you perfect?

Very Decadent Hot Chocolate-the tart tart

Very Decadent Hot Chocolate- the tart tart. So gorgeous. I’ll take a giant marshmallow.

And now *finally* the recipe:

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

adapted from paleofondue


1 c. water

4 envelopes (3 T.) unflavored gelatin

½ c. honey

½ c. light maple syrup

1 vanilla bean & seeds, separated

pinch sea salt


Meanwhile, place ½ cup of water and the gelatin in the stand mixer. With the whisk attachment on, mix on low periodically to soften the gelatin.

Add the remaining ½ cup of water, honey, maple syrup, vanilla bean, and a pinch of salt to a sauce pan. Heat mixture to about 242oF. The mixture will bubble a lot, and it will probably take about 10 minutes to reach temperature. When it does, immediately take it off the heat. (you can transfer to a heatproof bowl with a spout if you like now). Remove vanilla bean.

With the stand mixer mixing on high, slowly pour in liquid mixture along bowl walls. Add vanilla seeds and Whip whip whip until mixture is white and has tripled in volume, 6-10 minutes.

Pour into a lightly greased 8×8 pan, refrigerate until set. Cut into squares and plop in hot chocolate or your latte or whatever your poison is.

***If you’re cutting the marshmallow slab into shapes like I did, make sure you don’t waste the excess: cut it into mini marshmallows! No one will know 🙂


5 thoughts on “Vanilla Bean Marshmallows (+ a roundup)

  1. I love this post! Hot chocolate is my absolute favourite drink during wintertime 😊 I love your little movie 😃 and the cutted marshmallows are a brilliant idea! Love the roundup too. So basically I love everything about this post ^^

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