Malted Iced Mocha

Malted Iced Mocha (22)text

I’m sure you all are way ahead of the game, and you’ve already jumped on the Tahitian Vanilla bandwagon. It’s like regular vanilla’s hip sister who completely steals the show.

Malted Iced Mocha (45)a

So, if you’ve already got amazing homemade vanilla from regular vanilla beans (usually Madagascar), what happens when you make your own Tahitian vanilla extract? The answer is: magic. Magic happens.

Malted Mocha GIf

When I first made a mocha with my Tahitian vanilla extract, I was blown away. No, this is not a post sponsored by a seller of  Tahitian vanilla beans, in case you were wondering. It gave such a lovely, floral, and malty note to my regular ole mocha. Absolutely delicious. I made mine from Grade B Tahitian Vanilla Beans that I bought on Amazon (they were really cheap and well worth it). But, not everyone feels like buying their own vanilla beans to make their own vanilla extract, even if it is amazing. And moreover, some people want Tahitian Vanilla Mochas NOW. So I provide a solution for you, my friends, in the familiar form of malted milk powder. The intention was to mimic Tahitian vanilla, and the result was even better than expected. Almost perfectly like I had used Tahitian vanilla. So please, treat yourself. And buy some Tahitian vanilla beans.   Malted Iced Mocha (39)a Malted Iced Mocha


4- 6 T. raw chocolate syrup (basically melted coconut oil, maple syrup, and cocoa powder)

1 c. whole milk

1 1/2 c. cold coffee

1/2 c. ice

2 t. malted milk powder

1 t. vanilla


In a blender, whiz all ingredients until smooth. Serve over ice in a sophisticated glass.


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