Pretzel Cookie Dough Truffles

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There seems to be so much controversy surrounding Valentine’s day. People love it, people hate it, the same old story. People generally seem to be absolutely sick of the commercialized pink-and-red version of Valentine’s day.

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When I was little, Valen       tine’s day wasn’t just for lovers or husbands and wives. It was a day to remember everyone you loved. Even today children still give out Valentines to their classmates, and I find it disheartening that single people decide to feel left out of Valentine’s day. Just because you’re not currently in a relationship, does that mean there’s no one around you who loves you? There’s no one you would like to, on this one day, give a shout out?

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I think very few people know the story behind Valentine’s day. St. Valentine was among the first generations of Christians, and suffered martyrdom under the Roman rule. Heavy stuff, I know, but it is his feast day after all. And he didn’t die for his sweetheart, he died for love of his savior, for love of God.

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That’s why I consider Valentine’s day as more of a reminder of the real idea of love, not the sugar-coma candy heart version full of shallow messages and fickle “I heart u”‘s. It ought to be a day to look around and thank God for all the wonderful people He gave us: all the people who love us, and all the people we love in return.

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So what does cookie dough have to do with all this soliloquizing? Baking and dessert-making is basically my love language. And chocolate is the dessert equivalent of love. For your sweetheart, your family, or your friends, truffles are the way to go.

Pretzel Cookie Dough Truffles

Adapted from the Suburban Girl Gone Country


½ c. cashew butter

¼ c. butter, browned

2 T. coconut flour

1 ½ T. honey

1 t. salt

¾ c. gluten-free pretzel flour (about 1 ½ c. pretzels, ground in the food processor)

½ t. vanilla extract

¾ c. coarsely chopped chocolate chips

Semisweet chocolate and unscented coconut oil, melted together*


In a food processor, blend cashews and butter until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Chill 1 hour.

Roll dough into balls and coat in melted chocolate/coconut oil

Pretzel Cookie Dough Truffles (103)a

*specific measurements are omitted for a reason: it all depends on the size of your truffles. A good proportion is 1 c. chocolate chips to 2 t. coconut oil.


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