Wild Violet Lemonade

Wild Violet Lemonade (79)atext

Sometimes, we do things just for appearances. It’s a semi-irrational, usually unjustifiable impulse. Why should we care to alter ourselves outwardly in order to appear different/better, at least for other people and not ourselves? When we change, do we change because we want to change what we see in the mirror or what others see?

Wild Violet Lemonade (84)

In this philosophical vein, I offer you wild violet lemonade. The violet taste itself is delicate and almost untraceable: just slightly floral and wild. But the color is completely lovely and worth it to gather those violets covering your backyard in this early Spring season.

Wild Violet Lemonade (63)a

This makes enough for one thirsty person who likes things sour.

Wild Violet Lemonade (50)s

Wild Violet Lemonade (24)a

Wild Violet Lemonade:


Juice of four lemons

Water (amount depends on how sour you like your lemonade)

Light Agave (about 2 T., you can add more if you want)


Wild Violets


In a blender, combine all ingredients and blend to your desired temperature/consistency. Enjoy!


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