Rum Chocolate Mousse

Rum Chocolate Mousse (2)a.JPG

So college. College is now very much a thing. This first year was such a whirlwind. A crazy, beautiful, wonderful whirlwind. I feel like I grew so much in what feels like such little time. I’m trying as hard as I can to hold on to these moments fiercely because they do pass away like dewdrops in the sunlight. Or like chocolate at a potluck. This metaphor is obviously incomplete without chocolate.

Rum Chocolate Mousse (25)a.JPG

This mousse is just my kind of dessert—easy enough to complete with just few utensils and minimal effort, but ostensibly hard enough to impress people and convince them that I’m really very swanky. It’s also conveniently dairy-free and contains no added sugar. The inspiration is from the ridiculously simple yet also weirdly intimidating chocolate-and-water mousse, I just added liquor and coffee because swank guys.

Now it’s a good thing we’re not British, because when the British call something “rum” it isn’t a compliment—it means odd or strange. Which I suppose isn’t such a bad thing, but let’s keep in mind here the original meaning of rum and if you’ve never had it with chocolate I pity you. If anyone asks you why the rum is gone, just tell them that you took it to make chocolate mousse. As long as you share, all should be forgiven.

Rum Chocolate Mousse (18)a.JPG

Chocolate-and-water mousse does seem intimidating in theory, but in practice it couldn’t be easier. Just throw all the ingredients in a medium pot, let them melt together, then throw them in an ice bath and whisk until smooth. Once it’s all thickened up, chill it in pretty glasses and you’ve got yourselves a party.

Rum Chocolate Mousse (13)a.JPG



12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate

8 oz. water

1 T. rum (dark is best, but white will do)

2 T. strong coffee or espresso

pinch of salt


In a medium pot, combine all ingredients Set over a moderate fire and whisk until everything is melted.. Meanwhile, prepare a large bowl with ice water and set a smaller bowl within it. When everything in the pot is melted, pour it into the ice bath bowl and whisk until thickened. Transfer to small glasses and chill until set.

Rum Chocolate Mousse (37)a.JPG


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