Black Forest Iced Coffee

Black Forest Iced Coffee (86)a

Summer. You officially arrived yesterday, to the ostensible delight of many. I am not among those many. You see, when you come to my hometown all full of humidity and high temperatures and unbearable air like some kind of hotshot, I really don’t appreciate it. You make everyone uncomfortable, and we all just want to get away from you. We retreat indoors, to the pool, to the beach, wherever to avoid or at least alleviate your heat.

Black Forest Iced Coffee (89)a

And when all else fails, we drink. You’re hot and you make us thirsty. I know that probably makes you think you should be in a boy band or something, but no. We’re all dehydrated and we need to get hydrated again.

Water water water, it’s healthy and awesome but sometimes we want something more. And sometimes we need a sweet coffee treat that can be easily made indoors, and trust me, the trip to Starbucks is not worth it-for our health or for our wallets.

What we need are some dark sweet cherries, some cocoa, and we’ve got Black Forest Iced Coffee. No barista experience required.

Summer, bring it.Black Forest Iced Coffee (92)a


1 c. strong black coffee

1 c. dark sweet cherries

1/2 c. maple syrup separated

2 T. cocoa powder

dash vanilla




In a small saucepan, heat cherries, 1/4 c. maple syrup, and a dash of water until bubbly and thickening. Remove from the heat, let cool. Mash cherry sauce down and strain, add cocoa, vanilla, and remaining maple syrup.

Layer syrup, milk, coffee, and ice cubes in 2 large glasses. Enjoy!

Black Forest Iced Coffee GIF.gif


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