Behind the Camera


Hey there!  Welcome to Sprinkle with Sage! I’m Rebecca, I’m a 15-16 17 18 year-old baker, cook, and amateur photographer. I believe that life is too short to miss out on dessert. However, I also believe life’s too short to succumb to the white sugar addictions tempting us at every corporate conspiring grocery store.  The goal of this blog is to discover delicious, healthy treats that nourish body and soul.

I’m not a vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free or actually gluten-free. I avoid sugar, I avoid white flour,  but I haven’t sworn off any particular ingredients. So yes, you will occasionally find sugar or some other evil vice in my recipes. I put it there because I thought it was well  worth it. Eggs, butter, and cream will also frequent my recipes, you’ve been warned.

*disclaimer: when I use the phrase “sugar-free”, it’s my shorthand for refined-sugar-free, because some people get all accuse-y when you say “sugar-free” and your recipe has maple syrup in it. I realize it has natural sugars. Should I also point out that pretty much every freaking food does? No? Okay, I won’t.

Anyway, I hope you stay here awhile and try a few new things. Lovely to have you!

Here’s to nourishing, scrumptious food!

If you’d like a few more facts about me personally, check out this post.

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